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What is E-luminate?


E-luminate is a nonprofit service-learning program that engages U.S. schools at all grade levels in creating nonfiction electronic educational materials (in the form of PowerPoints, PDFs, Word documents, videos, audio, etc.) for some of the world's most vulnerable children.

The participation fees donated by those U.S. schools are then used to provide electricity and establish digital multimedia centers (a computer, a projector, and a stereo system, and security to keep them safe) so those educational materials can be used.

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Photos, Video & PowerPoint


Check out our online photo albums, our video, and PowerPoint presentations - all for you to use in the classroom!

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Sample "Books"


Wondering what we mean by electronic books or materials? Check out these great examples created by past participants!

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"E" is for E-luminate
The name "E-luminate" comes from the word "illuminate": to brighten with light; to clarify and make understandable; to enlighten intellectually.

The "E" stands for many ideas that we hope to promote through our work:

E is for Empathy
the empathy for vulnerable children around the world that we hope to cultivate in U.S. students

E is for Education
the education we work to advance here and abroad by motivating U.S. students to learn and write in order to help teach their peers who may not otherwise have an opportunity to learn.

E is for English
our primary educational focus is on helping our students abroad learn and enhance their English literacy in countries where it is necessary for success. All of the materials we create in different subject areas (English, math, science, social studies, health, art, music, recreation) should be geared, first and foremost, towards expanding English vocabulary and language proficiency in those content areas.

E is for Electricity
the electricity that we take for granted, but, for many people, a rare and valuable resource that we will be making available to the communities we serve

E is for Earth
the earth that we hope to protect by conducting our work in an ecologically sustainable way, burning fewer fossil fuels by sending digital rather than print materials and using renewable energy to power our multimedia centers whenever possible

On Hiatus for 2013-2014

E-luminate will be going on hiatus for the 2013-14 school year while we assess its future. Together, we've done some incredible work in Uganda, Sierra Leone and Ghana, and it's been a success on many levels.

I know the program is an integral part of the curriculum at many schools, so you are more than welcome to produce electronic educational materials in the upcoming year and send them to me on a flash drive by July 11, 2014. At that point, I will forward the materials to the centers we've already created in Uganda, Sierra Leone and Ghana. No registration or participation fee required! The beauty of our digital format is that, when we're not building new multimedia centers, it costs us very little to send new materials to our already existing ones.

As many of you know, I run the program as a very part-time director, and, since the birth of our daughter, I have not been able to visit our sister sites, making it difficult to assure the ongoing effectiveness of the program. We're currently seeking out ways to continue evaluating and developing the project through various collaborations, but, in the meantime, I believe the most responsible course is to take a break from building new centers. I feel very strongly that your school's participation fees should be used as efficiently as possible, and I want to make sure of that before we continue to expand into other schools or even countries.

I have been deeply moved by the outpouring of generosity and enthusiasm by so many hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers and students around the United States over the last seven years. You have made an enormous difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable children on the planet - thank you, from them and from me.

Abha Thakkar
Director, E-luminate

You can contact Abha at 608-466-4534 or info@e-luminate.org

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